Alex Kim

University of Chicago | Ph.D. Student in Accounting

👋 Hi! I'm Alex Kim.

I'm a second-year Ph.D. student in accounting at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. I received a Master's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and a dual Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Administration from Seoul National University. I passed all four subjects of Korean CPA exams in 2018.

My research mainly examines information processing of investors in the capital market. Recently I am interested in studying how large language models and artificial intelligence (AI) can assist investors' information processing and decision making. My research has been featured in major media outlets such as Bloomberg, Fortune, and Harvard Law School Blog.

Profile: SSRN [Link], arXiv [Link], Google Scholar [Link]


22 Jan 2024. [New Paper] "Audit Adjustments Around Financial Benchmarks" is now available on SSRN.

27 Nov 2023. [New Paper] "Economic Footprints of Tax Audits: A Generative AI-Driven Approach" is now available on SSRN.

27 Nov 2023. [Project Website] CompanyInsight.AI is now public. See the Data tab for details.

05 Oct 2023. [New Paper] "From Transcripts to Insights: Uncovering Corporate Risks Using Generative AI" is now available on SSRN and arXiv

25 May 2023. [New Paper] "Profitability Context and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns" is now available on SSRN

21 Apr 2023. [New Paper] "Bloated Disclosures: Does ChatGPT Help Investors Process Financial Information?" is now available on SSRN and arXiv

23 Mar 2023. [New Paper] "Managers' Vocal Delivery and Real-Time Market Reactions in Earnings Calls" is now available on SSRN.

03 Jan 2023. [New Paper] "Context-Based Interpretation of Financial Information" is now available on SSRN.